- Having TRiO on your side makes a difference! -



Let TRiO help you identify the accounting product that is right for you. TRiO will evaluate your accounting software needs and recommend a solution based on the characteristics individual to your organization.


The objective is to provide a smooth transition to your new accounting system. TRiO's experience and guidance will help you feel comfortable during this transitional learning process.


TRiO offers instruction either individually or in a group setting. Support is available both on-site and remotely through a secure high-speed internet connection using remote technical support software. TRiO tailors the training to your organization and your staff’s needs, setting a pace that works best for you.

The goal is for you to fully understand the features and flexibility of your accounting software, so you can truly get the most out of your new accounting system.

Custom Reporting and Financial Statement Design

A key benefit of an effective accounting system is the ability to get the information you need quickly, in a format that allows you to analyze the productivity of your organization. TRiO can create the reports you need, or even train you to create them for yourself.

Ongoing Support

TRiO's standards are high with a focus on knowledgeable, prompt and professional service. TRiO cares about their clients and responds in a timely manner whenever and wherever needed. The internet-based support allows TRiO to serve clients in remote areas, and address smaller support issues without the expense of an office visit.


TRiO strongly believes it is important to stay current with your technology through software upgrades. Therefore, TRiO will assist you with the upgrade process and its timing to maximize the benefits to your organization.